Soap Dish - Anti-soggy™ design


  • Innovative "targeted" design protects against soggy soap, keeping soaps high & dry from unwanted moisture while increasing the soaps' life-span.
  • This soap dish is solid, made of stoneware clay, which is twice cured, making this dish durable, more shatterproof, and life-lasting.
  • Our signature "orange peel" glaze surface allows for quick cleaning, only requiring a quick rinse to flush off any and all unwanted soap particulates and moisture. 
  • The hand-fluted side edges allow soap bars to focus onto the dish's center for easy soap bar placement. 
  • The dish is hand-dipped in our signature glazes made from 6 earthen elements (all food-safe) mixed in-studio. Glazes come with a premium matte finish.



Soap Dish - Anti-soggy™ design

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Glaze (colour)
  • Chough glaze has a creamy patina, orange peel texture, and light brown speckles, which mimics the delicate egg of the Red-billed Chough bird who lives in the Himalayans till Western Europe.

the wares.

Contemporary ceramics made with traditional techniques. 

Our purpose is to bring beauty and simplicity back to useful handcrafted ceramics. 

food safe

The great part of our wares being made with stoneware clay is that they are non-porous, allowing each ware's surface to be easily kept clean and safe. All wares are glazed with food-safe elements, safe for your family to eat off of. 

dishwasher safe

All wares are durable and cured twice by high-temperature firings. Dishwasher-safe and microwavable. Stronger than glass, durable as stone. - Please note that wares are not meant for oven use unless specially noted in a ware's description.


Hand-spun on the potters' wheel. Traditional techniques and tools are used in tooling wares. All wares receive a special mix of 3-6 earthen elements and 2-4 earthen oxides that, when cured by a high firing within the pottery kiln, it adheres to the stoneware clay body to create a matte glazed surface.

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