Soap Dish - Anti-soggy™ design


  • Innovative "targeted" design protects against soggy soap, keeping soaps high & dry from unwanted moisture while increasing the soaps' life-span.
  • This soap dish is solid, made of stoneware clay, which is twice cured, making this dish durable, more shatterproof, and life-lasting.
  • Our signature "orange peel" glaze surface allows for quick cleaning, only requiring a quick rinse to flush off any and all unwanted soap particulates and moisture. 
  • The hand-fluted side edges allow soap bars to focus onto the dish's center for easy soap bar placement. 
  • The dish is hand-dipped in our signature glazes made from 6 earthen elements (all food-safe) mixed in-studio. Glazes come with a premium matte finish.



Soap Dish - Anti-soggy™ design

Glaze (colour)
  • Chough glaze has a creamy patina, orange peel texture, and light brown speckles, which mimics the delicate egg of the Red-billed Chough bird who lives in the Himalayans till Western Europe.

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